Our senior leaders bring a unique combination of proven commercial, strategic and scientific capabilities in neurology and cell and gene therapy development

Lisa Deschamps

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr David Cooper

Chief Medical Officer

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Graeme Fielder

Chief Operating Officer

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Alex Bloom

Chief Technology Officer

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Farah Speer

SVP, Communications & External Relations

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Carlos Miranda

Head of Preclinical Research

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John Lavarino

Sn Dir, People and Facilities

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Professor Chris Shaw 

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific and Clinical Advisor

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Dr Youn Bok Lee

Co-Founder and Head of Discovery

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Dr Do Young Lee

Co-Founder and Head of Vector Sciences


Professor Chris Shaw MBChB, MD

Co-founder AviadoBio and Professor of Neurology and Neurogenetics, King’s College London, UK

Professor Krystof Bankiewicz MD, PhD

Tenured Professor, Vice Chair of Research, Director, Brain Health and Performance Center, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Department of Neurological Surgery

Professor Don Cleveland PhD

Professor of Medicine, Neurosciences, and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Ludwig Cancer Research, University of California, San Diego, USA

Professor Jonathan Rohrer MBBS, PhD

Professor of Neurology, UCL, London, UK

Professor Steven Gill MD

Chief Medical Officer,  Neurochase Ltd and Hon. Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Bristol, UK

Professor Merit Cudkowicz MD, MSc

Julieanne Dorn Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School Chief, Neurology Service, Massachusetts General Hospital Director, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Tenured Professor, Vice Chair of Research, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Department of Neurological Surgery

Assistant Professor Heather Gray-Edwards DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology at UMMS, member of the Horae Gene Therapy Center

Professor Christian Haass PhD

Professor of Biochemistry Ludwig-Maximilians, University Munich, Germany

Omar Khwaja MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, VectivBio AG